Cancellation of April Program

Cancelled-SWe regret to inform you that the scheduled program for April 24, 2014, “Winona Railroad Station,” is cancelled.  It may be rescheduled later in the year, if the schedule allows.

We hope to see you on May 22, 2014, for our program “Center Harbor and Neighboring Libraries” presented by Heyduk.


Identifying Historical Buildings in Center Harbor


I am looking for a few members of the Historical Society, and/or  residents, to form a committee to identify Center Harbor’s historical buildings. From there we can put these places onto the official town map, so that towns people and visitors my be able to view them and see the rich history of Center Harbor, NH.

If this type of project interests you, please contact me.
Thank you for your time,
Roland Garland


Refreshment Schedule for 2014

tryourcoffeedeliciousREFRESHMENT  SCHEDULE  2014 

Chairman for the monthly refreshments is Ginny Murphy
If there is a conflict in meeting your date, please notify her at 253-6845


April 24-  Wilma Garland and Shirley Splaine

 May 22-  Dorrie Smith and Denny Stringfellow

                                                                                           June 26-  Mary Lamprey Bare

July 24-  Ginny Murphy and Carole Elliot

August 28-  Deanna Campbell and Connie Johnson

                                                                                          September 25-  Gwen Bronson and Virginia

                                                                                          October 23-   Nancy Kelly and Janet Stearns


Paper goods are supplied at the schoolhouse. Tablecloth or center piece optional.
The schoolhouse will be open by 6:00 p.m.
$25 is available upon request to assist with the cost.


Repairs to the Schoolhouse Done Right

We, here at the Centre Harbor Historical Society, have taken a series of pictures to show you the repairs that were required for the schoolhouse this fall.

As you can see, a portion of the back wall was removed. There was an extreme amount of dry rot and some damage from carpenter ants and rodents. There was a temporary fix about 20 years ago, and the only solution was to reconstruct the rotten wall.  There were three windows covered over that were removed. Early estimates were contingent on the hidden damage not  known before the wall was removed. This amounted in a repair bill of $3,337.00.

The grant given by the Meredith Rotary was $500.00. This time we fixed it right! The repair was done with the cooperation of the town selectmen.  As you know, the town owns the schoolhouse, and the Historical Society’s responsibility is to keep it in repair.

Anything you might contribute will help us and it will be tax deductible.


Thank you

Annual Fundraising Drive 2014

November 24, 2013

Dear Members,

It’s that time of year again for our Annual Fund Drive.

Since we had to abandon the plant-sale method of raising funds, we basically must now depend on whatever donations we can muster up from our members.  Most of our members are “Life Members” and therefore annual dues revenue is minute.  Accordingly, this is why we need financial help from as many of our Life members as possible plus from any of our dues-paying members that wish to help.

We have many ongoing projects, including the documentation of our 23 cemeteries within Center Harbor.  These projects, as well as the Society’s overall administration, do cost money.

On this occasion, you are hearing from me due to the fact that our Society’s presidency has recently changed from Seth Stearns to Roland Garland, effective Jan.01.14.  I assume all of you, are very grateful for the great job Seth has done for many years.  It’s not an easy task.  I hope all our members do wish Roland great success with this endeavor.

Finally, as a show of confidence with our new leader, I am asking all of you to please donate as best you can to this fund.  Your donation is tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by this writer.  Also, please try to have your donation reach the Society before the end of December so that we can get you listed on the Donor list in our 2014 Book.



Brendan Laffey, Treasurer.