Refreshment Schedule 2014

Refreshment Schedule 2014coffee retro

Chairman  for monthly refreshments is Ginny Murphy.  If there is any conflict in meeting your scheduled date, please notify her at 253.6845.

April 24-               Wilma Garland & Shirley Splaine

May 22-                 Dorrie Smith & Denny Stringfellow

June 26-                Mary Lamprey Bare

July 24-                  Ginny Murphy & Carol Elliott

August 28-             Ingrid Smith & Kay Beij

Sept 25-                  Gwen Bronson & Virginia Anthony

Oct 23-                    Nancy Kelley & Janet Stearns

Paper goods are supplied at the schoolhouse.  Tablecloth or center piece optional.  The schoolhouse will be open by 6:30 p.m.  $25 is available upon request to assist with any cost.